“The Lord Of Orcs” game rules

Message from administration

Our main goal is to create a better gaming experience for our players. Our primary rule is as follows: everyone has to play on equal terms and any achievement must be based on fair competition and mutual respect.

For this reason we decided to accompany the game’s future development and additional functionalities with its administration. We therefore ask the players to familiarize themselves with and follow the rules that are laid out below. Non-compliance with these rules may lead to the player being banned from the whole or part of the game. The ban periods are at administration’s discretion.

“The Lord Of Orcs” game rules

The players are not allowed to use any third-party software products or other technical means to manipulate game’s source code to change personal and other game statistics that are not allowed by the game’s processes.

2. The administration reserves the right to revert player’s statistics if it finds out that the player has made use of unofficial game cheats multiple times to boost own game statistics and achievements.

3. In order to maintain a healthy game atmosphere, the administration has established game Chat rules: please be polite, do not break the law and discuss only game-related topics. It is categorically forbidden to:

3.1. Offend other players, provoke them to be rude, use offensive words derived from their own character names, clan names, countries or other players’ cities etc., spread misinformation, slander or defraud.

3.2. Make use of any kind of offensive language, explicit or covert (making use of special characters instead of letters or abbreviations), sexual harassment, discussing and advertising drug, tobacco or alcohol products.

3.3. Discuss politics, political views and political actions of other players’ countries, threaten outside of gaming context and make statements that may have negative consequences for other players or the gaming process itself.

3.4. Make any racist remarks or incite international or ethnic hatred.

3.5. Advertise any links to products, websites or services that are not related to the game “The Lord of Orcs”.